A discussion about where I've been and where I'm going
I find people and their stories to be amazing!
Let's make this brief
Playing with word, playing with songs, playing the coffeehouse
Learn my lines like an actor, begging pretty please
It isn't as long as the title makes it sound. Thank you for reading.
"My Heart's a Damned Fool" | How Songs Get WrittenWatch now (7 min) | About women with googly-eyes for musicians, bad judgement, and good decisions
A song - This Star-Spangled Life of Mine
This story might be true or untrue depending upon who you are
Barry Manilow got nothin' on me... except maybe, Copacabana... and feather boas...
My gift is my song and this one's for you...
Allocation of Time: Creativity Every Morning and Where I Belong - a song demoListen now (4 min) | I either need two lifetimes or to be more diligent