Hi, I’m Matthew Moran. Thank you for dropping by.

Current writing/posting schedule:

  • Monday: Music (mine), Creative Thoughts, Endeavors, & Observations, and Tech

  • Thursday: Observations About The Human Condition (insight and/or absurdity)

I am a songwriter, author, technologist/software developer, and, as my mean girlfriend tells me, a mensch with asshole tendencies. I maintain a fairly aggressive coffee addiction that serves as the glue for all of the above.

Picture of Matthew Moran between performances at Leashless Brewing
Photo: Debbie Levy. My gf/partner is a photographer. Sometimes she can make me look okay.

More backstory

I am a father to four kids. I think they’re pretty cool. I am twice-divorced and tried to learn something about myself through that process. I enjoy cooking, which my mean girlfriend1 tells me was a prerequisite to our relationship. I like hiking with my dog and working out a bit.

I rarely watch TV but I do love documentaries on science and the human condition.

About my music

Genre: Modern Americana (???)
That’s my2 way of avoiding any true genre. Acoustic rock, folk, folk rock, country, blues, pop… I try to write catchy but thoughtful lyrics. I think I’m pretty good at it but you should check me on that.

You can get more info on my website or by checking out a few of my songs on YouTube. (this playlist below - “The Acoustics”).

About my writing

I write about music, family, politics, culture, technology, things that excite me, things that annoy me…. things.

I try to make it entertaining through absurdity, sarcasm, and snarky-ness.

I am confident to the point of arrogance with a large portion of self-doubt on the side.

I’ve written two books (book 1 | book 2) about careers in technology and dozens (hundreds?) of articles on business, technology, music, and creativity. I also write the occasional poem, short story, marketing piece, tutorial, and absurd humor.

I think it was Stephen King who said (paraphrase): Writers believe they have something to say and are surprised as hell when anyone actually listens.

My job, write/create! Your job, surprise the hell out of me by reading or listening.

Other places to find me:

About The Arrogant Sage This Newsletter

I recently (8/11/2023) changed my newsletter’s name from The Arrogant Sage to Matthew Moran: Music & Musings.

I like, The Arrogant Sage as a title but it was confusing. Jesse Ventura recommended my Substack on his and I picked up a number of subscribers from that. I think many of them believed I would be writing about politics.

I might get to that one day, even soon, but I wanted to clarify what I’m about.

I will keep Arrogant Sage Music as the entity that controls my vast publishing empire. ;-)

I think that covers its.

Thank you for dropping by.

Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music


I’ve mentioned my mean girlfriend twice now. She’s really sweet… but she also says mean things to me. They make me laugh. I say mean things too. They make her laugh. It starts with the first cup of coffee and ends when she tells me, “Don’t you think it’s time you went to bed?” That’s her way of saying, I’m cranky and need a nap.

It’s one of the many things I love about her.

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