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Start slow: mildly confident will work at the beginning.
Matthew Moran: President & Founder of Club Sage

I’m Matthew Moran - aka: The Arrogant Sage. I’ll explain below.

I’m also the self-appointed, lifetime, president of Club Sage and the sole beneficiary of all the perks that position deservedly warrants. The fame! The prestige! The ungodly gobs of money! But do not despair or allow jealousy to beset you, dear reader/listener, for you too can become a member of Club Sage simply by subscribing.

What are the benefits of doing so?

Short list of Club Sage Benefits

  1. You get me.

  2. Occasional pictures of my dogs.

  3. Your confidence grows in astounding and magical ways.

  4. …. 🤔

Note to self: Come up with additional Club Sage benefits. Yes, of course, you are enough but additional benefits add to your word count. Ahh.. I see. Good point!

Rain & Beaux (the Rainbow pups) using coercion and mind-control to get Club Sage President, Matthew Moran, to take them out!

See… you are already benefiting.

There will be more benefits in the near future.

I am a songwriter, author, technologist, father, boyfriend, dog lover, hiker… Or, maybe those are just some of the things I do.

Mostly, I’m a just some guy navigating this amazing and messy situation called life. And I’ll share some of that with you if you care to join me.

Photo credit: Deb (aka: The Meanest Girlfriend).

I believe in the magic of songs, words, and creative expression.

This substack serves as my newsletter about music and other creative output, including: prose, essays, videography, and behind the scenes (Behind the Sage) insights into my creative world and thoughts.

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I’m asking nicely… but if you look closely I’m gritting my teeth. 🥺 “Do it” says the quiet voice in your head… “Doooo iiiitt!”

About my music

Genre: Modern Americana (???)
That’s my way of avoiding any true genre. Acoustic rock, folk, folk rock, country, blues, pop… I try to write catchy but thoughtful lyrics. I think I’m pretty good at it but you should check me on that.

You can get more info on my website.

About my writing

I write about music, family, politics, culture, technology, things that excite me, things that annoy me…. things.

I try to make it entertaining. I can be sarcastic and snarky.

Confident to the point of arrogance with a large portion of self-doubt on the side.

I’ve written two books (book 1 | book 2) about careers in technology and dozens (hundreds?) of articles on business, technology, music, and creativity. I also write the occasional poem, short story, marketing piece, tutorial, and absurd humor.

I think it was Stephen King who said (paraphrase): Writers believe they have something to say and are surprised as hell when anyone actually listens.

My job, write/create! Your job, surprise the hell out of me by reading or listening.

Other places to find me:

About The Arrogant Sage

I was online with a friend, helping them with a technical issue on their website. When I finished, they asked me to help them with another technical issue. Finally, after those two tasks, they asked me some relationship advice.

I find this funny as I’ve been divorced twice. Well, not funny that I’ve been divorced twice but that, given that fact, they would ask me for relationship advice. In case I didn’t mention it, I’ve been divorced twice.

But hell, I answered anyway.

Then they said, “You are a sage!”

I replied, “Yeah… I know!”

They responded with, “An arrogant one!”

And my band, which had been searching for a name, suddenly had one.

It received some positive feedback and so, I decided Arrogant Sage would be the moniker for me and this newsletter.

Are you really arrogant, Matt?

I’m confident in a few select areas. My songwriting. My writing. And my willingness to explore ideas with intellectual honesty. Extraordinarily confident!

However, I am wildly insecure about my competence in key areas: personal finance, home improvement, auto repair, just to name a few.

I’m comfortable being confident and carrying an air of arrogance in certain areas. But it is mostly tongue-in-cheek. I like the moniker for its snappy snarky-ness.

And there you have it.

Topics & Tone

Below is a short-list of topics I am likely to cover and the tone in which I write.


  • Songwriting

  • Creating Writing

  • News & Culture

  • Reviews: (services, music, writing)

  • Cooking?

  • [insert absurd caffeine induced musing here]


  • Sarcastic & Snarky

  • Sincere

  • Excited

  • Angry

  • Sad

  • Humorous

  • Nostalgic

  • [insert absurd caffeine induced emotional state here]

Absurd and Caffeine is a through line.

I think that covers its.

Thank you for dropping by.

Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music