Sitemap - 2022 - The Arrogant Sage

Crushing on Tom Waits & Norah Jones: Music Ends The Year

Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It (for the doers and dreamers)

A Year of Sobriety and that Homeless Inspired Christmas Song

Sacrificing Sacred Cows

That Night Looking Down on the Lights of Downtown Los Angeles

She's a Lady: Acoustic Performance (from the loft)

Lawyers, Guns, & Money (with a side of God) versus Scientists

She Know Love & 2AM

Symptoms: Losing My Voice and Malaise - RSV, the Human Condition, & Verbing as an Answer

Serving Time In Liminal Space

I've got a whale of a tale to tell ya lads

How did you get on my list

Lady Love (circa 1988) and addressing the neglected back catalog

Two Songs and What's Next

Covid, Photography, and Creating versus Consuming

Songwriting: The Coward and The Fool - how it was written and keeping track of creative ideas

207 Days Clean: Nothingness & SpongeBob - Conversations with an Addict

Escape - a Jimmy Buffett-esque song with a sailboat, a girl, and an ill-fated adventure

Sunrise & Sedona: The bliss and value of losing one's mind

Song: I'm On Fire (video) - about life, it's foibles and that billion person carousel. Culling as a Kindness...

The red pill, the blue pill, and strong black coffee

Morning Dispatch #2: The Sweetest Thing (morning acoustic)

Creativity, Making Money, My Responsible Path Forward, and a "happy" Love Song: Diana

Podcasts I Listen To & Audio Storytelling

Early Morning Video - Ode (Cat & Cigarettes) plus Saturday's show

"You said you missed your cat & cigarettes" (lyrics) - Plus t-shirts and a performance on April 30th

Serve Your Master (a song about life, choices, compromise)

Of Performances, Claudette Colvin, Special Women, New Lyrics, and the other stuff

"My Heart's a Damned Fool" | How Songs Get Written

Were children consulted on the "rules" of war?

Buying Fentanyl: A Beginner's Guide

My first paid jingle and a promo video

A Song of Eulogy and Other Cheerful News

Allocation of Time: Creativity Every Morning and Where I Belong - a song demo

Happy and Discontented: What would you do if...?

The Pen: A Poem for Creatives

Three Events: Interview this morning and two more

Audio Dispatch #001 - Songwriting the Pandemic - Take Your Cares Away

Addict Son | Addict Family

We need to chat you and I

Song: The Path - phone demos

The Care and Feeding of Your Inner Imposter

A Song, A Show, and The Future

2022 - Let's Do This!

Encouragement | Example | Accomplishment & The Willingness to Learn