May 25 • 5M

Morning Dispatch #2: The Sweetest Thing (morning acoustic)

Rough around the edges but aren't we all

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I’m going to share my lyrics and the rapid genesis of this song… but first a slight diversion into tragedy and irrationalism. Okay - Steve Kerr - coach of the Golden State Warriors expressed it better than I’ll be able to.

A short take: I support rational gun ownership. My father helped found two private shooting ranges and was there almost weekly until his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and he felt it unwise to shoot anymore.

In 1994/1995 he left the NRA believing they were no longer a gun safety/advocacy organization but were promoting irresponsible and militant ideas. Add to this, their exposed corruption, and he was on to something. And this from a life-long gun enthusiast and Republican. He continued to visit his shooting range but also supported rational gun registration and the need for training and mental-health checks for gun ownership.

Maybe, in some future writing, I’ll share more of my thoughts on this and other issues. Deb keeps asking me to. I keep deferring. No one listens anyway… right?


Deb has been designing some stuff… we’ll have a formal announcement soon.

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The Sweetest Thing

A couple mornings ago (May 22nd) I started playing a simple choppy G chord to C chord hammer thingy… Super simple. Super cliché. But… as is the case with simple and cliché - it sounded nice.

And the lyrics for the first verse came almost immediately.

I had an idea of what I wanted the chorus to sound like but couldn’t find any lyrics I liked.

I went to bed and the next morning, May 23rd, the rest of the song came before 6am.

You can listen above or I have a YouTube video below. In the meantime, the lyrics.

Also, this is the first time I’ve really played it through and I am reading the lyrics and figuring out the cadence as I go. Please be gentle. ;-)

© 2022 - Matthew Moran

I’ve never found the rainbow’s end
And I’ve realized that my ship ain’t coming in
But I’ve got you and that’s the sweetest thing

I’ve ignited bridges to watch them burn
Crossed lines and limits with no return
But I’ve got you and that’s the sweetest thing

When all my lonely plans they come to naught
I’ll hold you close and reflect on what I’ve got
The sweetest thing

I’ve played the game. I’ve played the part
Of the cynic and the skeptic in these matters of the heart
But I’ve got you and that’s the sweetest thing

I tried to run and deny the truth. 
Protested and presented all the lies I couldn't prove
But I've got you and that's the sweetest thing

It's every love I've ever felt
Every miracle and mystery that's ever been revealed
That I've you and that's the sweetest thing

Been resurrected. Been born again
Embraced the midnight and all its sin
Cuz I’ve got you and that’s the sweetest thing