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Having a plethora of creative energy is a good thing. Having to edit all the results - more of a chore :-) Most of us mortals have to revise our stuff numerous times to improve the results. Keep up the good work!

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Ha.. well.. I am pretty happy with the lyrics. I did, however, find at least two typos or usage errors when reading what I wrote to Deb. That was while we were driving. Now I have to go back and find them again. ;-)

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I like these lyrics.

As you have pointed out, I can be a sarcastic son of a bitich as I don't suffer fools gladly. So many lyrics make me ill because the words sound like cliches, the rhymes are cheap and rinky dink, and all the good of the words can be absorbed in 5 seconds as there is nothing to chew on or ponder or adore. For example, I fucking love the Beatles, but even their lyrics are all too often simplistic sugary shit. I love them for their music; not their verbal acumen.

First, I love your lyrics because the words SOUND GOOD. I don't like poems or lyrics in which the words are clunky, awkward things that throw the rhythm off like a messed up track de-railing a locomotive. Your lyrics go down smoothly.

Second, I like these lyrics because I need to think about them. They are a little bit perplexing.

So congrats on a job well done

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