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Please please do the organization article!

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Why don´t we inject the Pentagon or Pentagram with a Pfizer vaccine, it´s safe, bras? The Military Industrial Complex should slow down a bit on the way to the Abyss, the SOB POS MTF is trying to get us all killed at once in a nuclear holocaust! Step by step, and now to the left, step by step, and now to the right ..... clap clap boom ..... tralalalala!

Isn´t the immune system shut or shot down like the Chinese baloonery? USA had a meltdown over a Chinese baloon, WTF, Yo?! The aliens are coming for the perpetrators or perpetraitors of the democide!

I just paid tribute to Common Sense and Critical Thinking.


Do not forget to grab the DELUXE Special Limited Edition of Iceland In Bloom for your sweetheart today!


Happy Valentine´s, Matthew, and everybody!

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