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You love music. I have said that I love music.

In fact, my profession of love for music is not quite sincere.

Truthfully, I loved music when I thought I still had a shot at being a rock n roll star.

Most muisc bores me. And most lyrics, with the exception of Dylan's and Lennon's, seem trite and sophomoric


The song, or really the entire production of the song, including the dancing, the outfits, and facial expressoins of the musicians, really wowed the hell out of me.

I am tallking about Amy Whinehouse's Monkey Man.

Now I should be writing about the music in your posts. But I am such a self-involved narcissistic fuck that I'm going to ask you to help me understaand my new obsession with monkey man.

Whenever I like a piece of art, and I don't know why I lke it, I become unnerved by my lack of understanding. I want to know: Why does this wierd, wierd song drive me wild

A few salient and striking thinss about the song and her performance with black male dancers:

A) The dancers look like highly energetic 4 year olds. Their dancing is neither smooth nor cool. Neither barbarous nor balletic. They just seem to be jerking their limbs like 4 year olds who only recently learned to jump and so jump around in a discordant and chaotic manner.

B) Amy Winehouse looks like an extremely innocent and pure sex doll.

C) The music, toward the beginning, reminds me of Havana Geilla, an old Jewish song of celebration

D) The music then seems to be defined by moody, rhythmic African tones

E) Mpst of the vocatlzations are not of words, just a fantastic amalgam of weird and cooing and sometimes pouting emotions

As a musician, please tell me: What is Amy Winehouse doing with this. Why do I love this. What is gong on here.

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