I don't want to sound like an ornery son of a bitch, but I see things very differently.

I think we need what Nietzsche called a reappraise of that which we value. He wanted to downgrade sympathy and altruism, and he aspired toward a harsher, more competitive and even violent vision.

That's not the reappraisal I would want.

My reappraisal:

I think we have to take Creativity off its high horse, stop worshipping Creativity as the North Star or most magnificent value, and I think we should increase our valuation of things such as loyalty, trustworhiness, reliabiliy and constancy

Our society does not suffer from a paucity of artists. We have a superfluity of egomaniacal artists preening and screaming for applause and laudatory comments ad nauseum.

Our society suffers from a lack of constancy, trustworthiness and reliability.

Also, I don't mean to sound like a supercilious son of a bitch, but the great mass of people don't read anything, don't know anything and are only a couple of steps removed from roses are red, violets are blue on the literary spectrum.

AND WHAT ARE MOST ARTISTS DOING IN THEIR WORK: I recenty read an article which said that from the late 19th century until the present, the prime goal of artists throughtout the Occident has been "Epater le bourgeoisie."

Or Shock the bourgeoise.

For well over one hundred years, artists have assumed the stance of smart alecky teenagers who aspire to wow and stun their elders with smut and savagery marketed as a primeval rebellion against a stuffy environment of lace doillies and the prim propriety of old lady aesthetics.

After a while it gets a bit monotonous.

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David... you only sound like an ornery son of a bitch because you are an ornery son of a bitch. Lean into it. ;-)

I, for one, preen and scream for applause and laudatory comments ONLY because I deserve them. *snicker*.

I have a couple songs that have a "protesty" aspect to them. I'm not worried about stunning my elders... There are fewer and fewer to stun every single day. And I work diligently to not be stunned myself.. lest I become the object of Bowie's wisdom about those children we spit on...

Anyway,, whether ornery or supercilious, I appreciate my resident son of a bitch making an appearance. We should talk soon.

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Hell, I am both ornery and supercilious.

I'll never forget that line from Bowie:

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they're going through."

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Very useful - I like the stallion analogy

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Thanks Allan. I've used the form as an effective exercise. I hope you can get some use from it as well.

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Aug 4, 2023Liked by Matthew Moran

The enemy of good is better :-)

Be well,


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I've never liked that phrase... likely only due to its accuracy.

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