You noted that a child was more likely to be sexually molested at a church gathering than at a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I think you are correct. One of the reasons is something that most advocates for sexual and human liberation might find disconcerting. (Incidentally, I include myself among advocates for sexual freedom.)

The more a sexual impulse is repressed, the more ravishingly intense it becomes. In the sternest, iciest Hasidic Jewish communities, Shiite Muslim communities and Amish communities, the slighest showing of a bit of a woman's ankle can set off torrents of paroxysmal (Not sure If I am spelling this right. The word become a turn on for me in 1978 when I read in in Erica Jong's "Fear of Flying," which reads like a travelogue of blow jobs she gave the world over) pleasures .

Paradoxically, the most repressed communities , when they let loose, can become raucous, rowdy and raunchy to an extent that would make keith Richards look like a church lady.

Similarly, I have known libertines who walk around mostly nude whose sex livels seem to grow more barren and bitter.

Remember some of the greatest hits in American Literature. Consider Nathaniel Hawthorne's sexy churchy blockbuster "ThE SCARLET LETTER." That community was filled to the gills with the yen for fire and brimstone. And they were obviously so fucking horny. I'll never forget an incident in the book when Reverend Dimsdale is speaking with two pious church ladies. He is, throughout the book, filled with guilt for shtupping Hester Prynee (Can't remember her last name). But his guilt is commingled with amazing levels of cum readiness. When he is talking to the church ladies he is overcome by an almost irrepressible desire to make unparndonable sexually aggressive comments.

In essence, I am saying that sexually repressed societies can be unforgiving, punitive, fierce and without compassion, but they engender a ravenous, ribald sexual activity that puts today's major metro areas to shame.

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Yep. Sex with aliens was certainly one variation on my mind when I was 12/13 or so ... and it's great to know I wasn't alone. Though, to be fair, I realised it wasn't just me when I watched Explorers (Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix's debut film, I think) - there's a line that one of the young teen characters says when their ship is being tractor beamed into the alien vessel: I don't remember it exactly, but he's fantasising that maybe the occupants of the alien ship are Amazon women who want to breed a new race. I felt vindicated.

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Rocky Horror Show! Wow - you bring back some great memories! I always enjoy your honest writing.

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