This really hit home.

Your assertion that, "On the flipside, it has largely left me without a “team” that I root for," is, in part, the defining quandary of much of the past 30 years of my life.

I think I do revisit my views on issues (Although my outward adamance and anger sometimes conceals that), and I have slaughtered many sacred cows which once nursed me with the sweetest milk.

I won't go into great detail, but those sacred cows were my blessed, youthful (or should I say childish) dreams of a leftist promised land, a liberated, libertine psycho-sexually perverse Eden, and an endless bacchannal of halucinogens and "tangerine trees with marmalade skies."

As a consequence of revisiting views, my mind is a rather discordant amalgamation of seemingly inconsistent thoughts. Radicals think I am a reactionary, and Right wingers think I am Che Gueverra on Acid.

I like your song. Your voice is very, very good, and your lyrics are pithy and sharp. I take issue with only one assertion in your song: I don't want to sound like a supercilious son of a bitch, but I dont' think the ordinary man revisits and reevaluates his positions.

And, in this age in which extremism is amplified by the algorithims of social media, I think people often become more and more unquestioning, illogical and potentially brutal.

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Your last comment makes me chuckle. When I first wrote the song and presented it to Deb, her first comment was, "You are not ordinary." Although, perhaps she meant I was not normal. ;-)

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