Hey, I am all for science. But what is science ??? One is not necessarily scientific because one says “I believe in climate change because the N Y Times believes in climate change and those guys at the Times like science.” One is not scientific because one is a political wimp who abides by group think. Science is not the conventional wisdom of a bunch grey suited nerds who consider themselves geniuses.

“Scientists” once held that the sun revolved around the earth. Scientists have changed their minds on the virtues of tonsillectomies on pre pubescent children 5 times in the past century. Thomas Jefferson considered himself a scientist and that bimbo said black people smelled more than whites because some of their urine was, allegedly, emitted through their sweat glands !!! Doctors (or applied biologists) used to employ leeches. Doctors consistently change their position on the efficacy of estrogen therapy for post menopausal women.

Also, many scientists use their positions to disseminate political convictions, not to advance knowledge. Consider John Money of Johns Hopkins and his flagrantly false theories re what he argued was the infinite malleability of human sexuality (Read the book “As Nature Made Me.”) Read one of my article on substack which calls attention to a SPECIFIC study which was slanted to conform to “scientists’” political convictions, https://davidgottfried.substack.com/p/two-specific-examples-of-how-scientists

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