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Funny how things work. David Gottfried and I have exchanged a few posts. David is amazing and Matthew Moran isnt too bad either....but the real hero here is Christopher Moran. Been through more shit than I can ever imagine.

Proud of you Christopher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really appreciate the transparency here. By you and by Chris. He truly IS a wonderful person. I feel incredibly blessed to know him. Thank you for sharing the struggle and the victory. I do believe his story will inspire. He shared his story with my mom and she has been a addict since she was 12 or maybe even younger and she was deeply moved. It's amazing how love is so powerful and I know he so appreciates and loves his family. Seriously, all of you, how you banned together and love(d) him is so inspiring. So hopeful.

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This took guts and is devoid of pretense. I wish the very best of luck.

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