Good to find you Matthew via @Scott Frey and @subpub (new here so not sure if the name checks are right format). As an old writer new to this new world it was good to read about your trajectory (meander more accurate?) through life writing and life and making music and life and writing. My current pieces touch on some of the same territory and my cv might be almost as diverse as yours.

Two of my favourite quotes about writing are from Marylinne Robinson who said the role of the writer/artist is ‘to make the ordinary seem special, the mundane seem magical ‘. And when asked ‘does writing come easily to you?’ she replied “The difficulty of it cannot be overstated. But at its best, it involves a state of concentration ... that is a marvellous feeling.

I thought I'd have more to say but that's it for now.

Ideas and Enjoyment - I'll drink to that.


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Absolutely agree! Pretty much every writer’s memoir or essay I’ve read that was written by a successful author I respect and admire says, “Do not write what you THINK the audience is going to want, write what is inside of you that wants to come out.” At least, that should be the starting point. Of course, for a good writer, there is a plethora of grammatical and structural considerations that happen in the building, editing, and formatting of the piece, which I view as being done for the reader because the writer is trying to present his/her creation to the world in the most beautiful and un-boring way possible. Keep writing across all those topics! Good writers have eyes and a heart that see, feel, catch things that others often overlook. Their minds are full of curiosity and contemplation. It’s no wonder they usually have so much to say! And no wonder people keep showing up to listen, read that essay, by that book... FYI, I found your SS when I was googling for SS vs MailChimp and stumbled on your “how-to” video for setting up on SS. And I stay for your multiple topics, not just one--writing, music, addiction, life in general. Keep on 👍

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