It feels good to perform and children understand music naturally

December 2022

Remedying what I was missing and links to music that catches my ear.
It don't help me sleep none but I'm feeling free now...

November 2022

It was a good place to write a song from - physically and emotionally
First she crept into my daydreams, now I must admit she's all I see
Songs Rarely Played But Deserving of Some Attention

September 2022

Songs stuck in the limbo of the next song I write
I Want to Date a Millennial and Baby I'll Crawl (secret band rehearsal video)

August 2022

From a video note to completed song

June 2022

I'm not so much a parrothead as much as beach adjacent
She said she didn't need it anyway
Wanna see how nerdy/analytical I can be... read this...