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I cover this in more detail in the video but the short version…

Just after my 2nd divorce in as many years (ouch!!! totally me!), I had explained to a woman I was having a glass of wine with that I would not date anyone until my youngest turned 18. She responded by saying, “You should let your heart lead you.”

I replied, “I’ve been through two divorces in two years… my heart’s a damned fool!”

I thought about the phrase and decided I would write a song to my heart… and Damn Fool Heart of Mine was born!



Damn Fool Heart of Mine
© 2012 - Matthew Moran

You've got some nerve comin' round here
I thought I'd made myself perfectly clear
You and I need time on the mend
Couldn't call it as lovers, we can't call it as friends

We're always playing our part
I follow and you lead me astray
Damn Fool Heart of Mine

3am and you woke me up
Playin' pictures from our past over my coffee cup
You know your game & you know the score
But I know the price and I can't pay anymore

I know I'll regret it but we're here once again
Soft candlelight, the touch of her skin
You run ahead to that moment's delight
and to tell you truth, I won't put up a fight